Full scale IQ


Best suited, as all IQ tests are , to people with non spiky profiles. Note the difference between the verbal and spatial IQ.

For most people the verbal and spatial IQs will be within 10 points of each other . Verbal= 99.911 percentile . Spatial= 15.866 percentile



My working memory is ■■■■.

I’m just messing around man. Don’t take me serious

Are you also Insidemind?

Do you speak English?

Disregard please :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

I like programming because it is less strenuous on my working memory. I used to be a math major and noticed my memory went down.

Insidemind is the user who just posted. That’s their username

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Only on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays…

I got my IQ formally tested for school iep evaluation but my scores were so lopsided I didn’t get a full scale IQ.

I’m sure that’s wrong. You need to choose multiple boxes not just tick one.

As you can see my scores are definitely lopsided !

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I couldn’t remember any of the stupid icon things for working memory. What a joke.

You trounced me on the spatial part though.

It seems that working memory is a problem for a few of you. I wonder whether that is a sz related thing.

That it’s a good observation. :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:

Cognitive deficits are most prominent in areas, such as working memory and episodic memory, attention, language comprehension, processing speed and executive function

image https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/FSIQ/graph.php?s=3132312c3130362c3130352c313037