Free course maybe

Its a free short course i have been thinking about, idk if i can do it, its a hard call


Do It. I’ve signed up at my liberty for an Italian language course, because I’m on benefits its free.

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This course is free whether on benefits or not, its an IT course, i have quite a few options for it, could do a number of things.

Idk if i can do it though.

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I’ve done some good free courses on the OpenLearn platform.

I would recommend it if you’re looking for something high-quality and free.

Other well-known platforms are edX and Coursera.

Hope you find something to your liking.

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Thanks @bobbilly & @Jonathan2

I would really like to do this and it is my job specialist that is pushing me to do it but idk if i can take anything else on, its kinda borderline and i would be on my absolute limit and the danger is doing too much and suffering for it.

Its hard to judge whether i have the time & the energy, my life is a delicate balance a lot of the time.


With me it motivation! I have such great ideas and drive then the next day I’m laying in bed all day.

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That sounds hard man, i feel the same sometimes but mostly i manage to do something,

I applied for a job today but its only 2 hrs a week so its hard to tell how it could affect my time and then i might not get it, maybe its a few things causing uncertainty.

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If the course is free @Resilient1 you could consider trying the course and if it becomes too much, you can always drop the course.

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Just try if it’s free

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Thanks, i need to think really hard about it, enrolment for it is very soon so it would be last minute & i dont like to rush things, I’m hoping i feel better about it as it plays out.