Found money


I went to the store last Thursday night to buy a coke and get some change for the coke machine at work. I doubt anyone can remember a post I made on the old forums about perks at work. Almost any job I’ve ever had (out of 25 jobs) have had some kind of perk. At restaurants its obvious; snacking on free food. At driving jobs it’s stopping at a drive-thru for a meal. Or at my first job out of the hospital it was drinks at half-price and my boss treating me to lunch. While at my current job as a janitor, there are three vending machines where I can stop what I’m doing and buy a coke and stop and drink one a couple times a day. It sounds like no big deal but it’s nice to start working at 7:00 am and have an ice cold drink in an empty building. I look forward to it every day I work. Anyway I went to Walgreen’s last Thursday to get change. I forgot about it until two days later. I had got change for a $20.00 bill. Well, I went to look for the change but I thought I searched everywhere but it was gone. I distinctly remember the cashier giving me change in $1.00 bills. I looked in all my pants pockets.I just resigned myself to losing $20.00 which is a big chunk of change for me. Well, I was up until 3:00 am this morning and I was going outside and I went in my jeans drawer and lo and behold : my lost $20.00!! I was so happy!! So I go to work in two hours and I get to enjoy my daily cokes. Isn’t that just the best feeling finding money?


My weekend work has ended and now I could use found money and a new bass player too. Life gives you money buy lemons


My sis used to hide money in a fish finger box in the freezer with a note saying “I love these fish fingers and will get really upset if you throw them out” But I’ve never seen her eat fish fingers.

I was so hungry once and decided “Ok, I’m actually hungry enough to try one of the fish fingers”
I open the box and it’s money. All ones and fives but it’s a lot. It’s emergency money. I didn’t think to buy something to eat with the money. I was actually disappointed that there wasn’t fish in there. :fish:


I finally got a job working at a pizza restaurant. Pay isn’t great but I’m mostly working for a good job history and a reference.


you shoulkd ghive it to me to celebrate lolx


i rarely find money but i save something every month even if it’s just fifty pounds. so far in january i’ve managed to save 80 pounds. that will go on duty free tobacco. then in february i have to save a hundred to get my daughter floor laid in her room once she’s saved up enough to buy the wood. then i’ll b saving for my car tax, flea collars at 30 quid a pop for five animals, a new fan belt for my honda, then it’s saving hard for the rest of the year for an invention of mine i wish to protect both in europe and america. so no more takeaways, no over spending on food shopping. my daughter says she’s taking control of my diet now so she’s gonna help me lose some weight so i’ll spend less on food. i really need to knuckle down and save hard for our future. having a disabled daughter i need enough to take care of us, and my son who’s still at school. no more impulse buys for me till next month after my savings have been taken into account. my loan finishes in may so that’s an extra 120 pounds a month i can save. still owe my parents 150 pounds so have to pay that off too. slowly but surely is the way for me i think.


Yes. It’s neat to reach in a pocket + find a forgotten $20 bill.

My brother found $1300 in an envelope while he was walking in the park. He traced down the owner + gave it back.