For those who have worked, what was your worst or most hated job?

I had a job in a call centre for a double glazing company.

The person I spoke too didn’t hear me after I spoke several times the rubbish first line on the piece of paper.

I said look, I am trying to sell you windows and do you want some?. I got sacked after 10 mins.

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Yeah that sounds pretty bad.


Working as a chamber maid at a cheesy motel in Banff. People can be very disgusting and filthy. My boss was even more disgusting and couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

Dog (and Cat) Grooming Assistant at a major pet supplies company that everyone’s heard of. My boss was a real ■■■■■. I couldn’t hardly stand her.

All of them…

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Toss up…

  1. McDonald’s when I was age 14. The low point was walking into the cooler and finding a co-worker taking a whiz into the 5 gallon pail of sliced pickles. I’ve never felt safe eating fast food since.

  2. Doing vegetation control at oil and gas sites. Nothing like having to run a weed whacker in 35C heat while being forced to wear full PPE because of safety regs. ■■■■■■■ oil companies occasionally had planes flying over to check if workers had their PPE on. Even having the front of your fire retardant gumby suit got you written up.




I worked for a year as a legal secretary. Now this job i actually didn’t mind working. However, it was my coworkers that may this job miserable at times. I was struggling with depression at the time, so i wasn’t miss enthusiastic, bubbly happy person they wanted me to be. They sent emails to each other about me. They would organise get-togethers that excluded me. They deliberately wouldn’t let me do some of the work because they thought i was incapable of doing it. But i’ve got the last laugh. Since doing my degree, i’m in a much better position than those bitchy women are in. So i have no hard feelings.

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@Sezbot241…some people can be right asses…its good that your not bitter…thats a good sign of maturity…you have the wisdom to know better

your experience reminds me of college…i hated it and waas excluded from things in a nasty way…but now i put it down to experience

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I was a telemarketer trying to sell phone service options. I don’t think I sold anything. I got yelled at a lot

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Both my most rewarding and worst job. I worked in hospice, helping terminal end of life patients. Dealing with sickness and death every day

I’ve had about 30 different jobs. It’s kind of funny or maybe ironic but my 15 or 16 jobs between ages ,17-19 before I got I’ll I hated more than the 15 or 16 jobs I’ve had after I got ill. Unloading trucks at age 33 was way better than being a security guard at age 19.
Being a janitor now is way better than steam cleaning carpets at age 17.

My worst job was telemarketing at age 17.
I hated to talk and the job was strictly talking. And what made it worse was that about 8 of us were crammed in a small room so everybody could hear everything we were saying
It was definitely the worst job I’ve ever had
I got there my first day in the morning and worked there for four hours and then left at lunch and never went back.


Anything telemarketing is awful. I did sevetal customer servicejobs in a call center. Some were good jobs and some were bad.

My old job had a union. There was this one union steward who would argue with a pic on the wall but man if you were in trouble at work she was the one you wanted to call on. She was passionate about the union.

cashier at fazoli’s…how embarrassing, everybody knows you’re making minimum wage, but you can’t get a job anywhere else. supposed to be friendly and helpful with the customers and deal with them…I hate front of the house, being in the kitchen probably wouldn’t have been too bad.

I had many jobs,and didn’t mind get my hands dirty.Only problem I had was not being paid for most of it.

Cleaning the beach of empty cans and used condoms.

The call center work was ■■■■. I didn’t mind getting screamed at until the company merged and we all got a paycut with more work added on.

I work as a temp in a pharmacy with a crabby ass pharm once. I drove 45 miles for a minimum wage clerking position there after two weeks I told myself to hell with that.

Wow!! Your boss sounded like a complete douchebag! I hope you didn’t have to work for him long?

Maybe he thought the Christian music would disguise the fact he was the devil! :stuck_out_tongue: Lol


When I was fifteen I worked as a Car Detailer for a car yard selling new Jeeps. I was fired for cleaning the bird poo off the cars with a scouring pad. You should have seen the scratches in the paint work of these brand new vehicles.