For those who got pfizer shot

Does anybody have problem with their muscles in the arm that got shot?

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I received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
I remember my upper arm hurting for like a day or so especially after the second dose.

It didn’t last very long.


Ive received my first dose of the pfizer vaccine. My arm hurt for 2 days after.

I got both pfizer shots. Arm was sore the day after on both doses but it went away after a day or so.

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I got both Pfizer shots, and it was like nothing happened. No sore arm. Nothing.

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I got a sore arm both shots but I don’t consider that a problem, I expect that for literally every injection I get.

I got cold/flu symptoms for like a 12 hour period with the first dose and no effects the second dose.

I had a slightly sore arm after the first Pfizer shot. Cleared up after the first night. No problems after the second.

Same. The first dose it didn’t even feel like they stuck the needle in. On the second dose I felt something. There were no side effects. I think my arms are used to jabs.

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Just a little soreness, like I’ve done some pushups or something.

I feel tired today, sneezing/wheezing/sore throat. I feel like I caught covid from someone. Maybe the pfizer vaccine was a joke/so we could think things were normal as they’re slowly killing us off one by one.

Yep, sore the first shot but not the second.

I got 2 doses of Pfizer. My arm was really sore after the first one and a little bit sore after the 2nd one.

I received Astrazeneca as my first shot and Pfizer as my second shot.

I had a very sore arm and mild side effects with Astrazeneca.

My arm was only a little bit sore after the Pfizer shot and no side effects.

The Astrazeneca shot was 0.5ml while the Pfizer shot was 0.3ml so less in your arm, less painful is my theory.

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I got the Pfizer shot. I only got a sore arm the first time. Please get the booster shot. This is a matter of life and death. Version O is out there now.

I was sore for a couple of hours, and that was it for the arm. Felt like I had the flu after each shot, the second one especially.

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I asked the question during my vaccination - Is there a reaction if injected in the same muscle as my monthly antipsychotic injection. There didn’t seem to be any policy or direction on it. Regardless, Vaccine was administered. Sore arm for a day.

The unique nature of how the mRNA vaccines work apparently make them safe to take concurrently with a lot of other vaccinations and meds. I got Pfizer dose two and my flu jab at the same time in pretty much the same spot.

Pfizers on stun!!!

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