For those who arent on meds

I know this is a pro med site and for thos who on meds i dont condone you to go off them, but for those who dont take APs please describe your experiences.

Best wishes

I was against taking meds for a long time and did fairly well off of them,

But when things went sideways, they went real sideways.

There was no balance, nothing to fall back on, no support.

It was just fine one day, going to the hospital the next.

Meds keep you kind of even.

I was also self medicating with weed, like we’ve discussed before.

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Yea i get your point its good to have a support system.

I have to write my pdoc off as i know shes going to say " whats the point of coming to see me if you dont want to take meds "

Maybe i must opt for a good therapist.

Maybe she can do some handy work on me

you gotta ask yourself if you’re disabled

I collect a check each month

I know I’m permanently disabled

otherwise they might come after me


Who is going to come after you??

I don’t know, if I claim I’m not well enough to work

and then stop seeing my docs and meds

maybe not though

but I’ve never claimed such.

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A good therapist is integral to a healthy recovery,

You’re pdoc should be able to refer one.


I’m too sensitive to them:

So dont u take any meds?


I just try my best to avoid things that set off certain thought patterns.

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