Food allergies

I recently found out that I’m sensitive/allergic to this one variety of Paprika.

Yesterday I put some on my pasta and afterwards I felt sick with sinusitis, a headache and stomach upset.

At the time I thought that it was the gluten or excessive carbs from the pasta that I was reacting to.

Tonight I sprinkled some Paprika on my chicken and soon after I became sick again, and I finally figured it out.

I removed the container out of my cabinet.

So now I know.

Are you allergic or sensitive to a certain food?


Carrots and meat.

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I cant eat garlic or onions, they make me vomit since I was very young. Idk why, maybe its too strong.

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Diet sodas, and probably the bread in a peanut butter sandwich and veggie burger.

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I’m not allergic or sensitive to anything

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I’m allergic to shellfish but paprika makes me sick too. Bad stomach aches from it.

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no nothing. I don’t eat mayonnaise though. I just really don’t like it.

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