First day using air-conditioner

Today is hot. The 3 -4 weeks rainy season has ended. Now it’s 33 degree Celsius and cicadas are screaming on top of the trees warning the coming of heat waves. I turned on the air-conditioner and shut the door and windows. It will be a two months time for me to depend on air-conditioners.

I am a bit worried about the electricity bills. And certainly about the environment.


Consider your self lucky you can turn on your air conditioning if you wanted.
It was 108 degrees ouside here, and our air conditioner/heater has been broken for over two and a half years now.
It was 91 degrees inside and it was plenty miserable. I wouldnt mind paying the electric bill on those days.

@green5…i used to live in a sub tropical forest near the ocean, sounds nice but the heat and cicadas drove me mad, i am glad you have air con.
@csummers …no air con ,man, i know what that feels like…!!
take care

Who you calling sub tropical?

Just because it’s a different kind of tropic doesn’t make it any less important.

Bullshitting is alot of fun.

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I was worried about our electricity bill when we first got an air-conditioner. I don’t recall seeing a difference in my bill though so I think that it will be ok. I usually try to turn mine off at night or when I go out. To my knowledge they don’t hurt the environment. Enjoy being cool :sunny:

that was funny.
take care

The air conditioner in our apartment works, but it is older and takes a lot of electricity. We’ve had some hefty PG&E bills. The price we pay to be cool.