First day of PT

Filled out paperwork and now I’m waiting for them to call me. I’m not sure why I’m so nervous. I think a part of me is scared that they’ll tell me there’s nothing they can do or that I’m over exaggerating.

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Do let us know how did it go with the Physical therapy…

I hope it’s Physical Therapy and not Perverted Tickling?


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@velociraptor Actually it was pyrotechnic tackling

@A_B_C It went good other than nerves of being in a new place with new people. We did some excercises to help stretch out my hips to work on evening them out. And I got excercises to do st home to help strengthen my abdomen so it sort of protects my back. We’re hoping that helps fix the hurting when I breathe issue.

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[ gives @NeoPolitan02 a bite on the ankle that burns afterward ]

[ hides under couch and plays with matches ]



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