Finding unrelated topics relatable?

It’s kinda always been my thing to find things that may have affiliation whatsoever and use them as examples for each other. The other day I referenced life as being like a tornado. If you stayed in the center (eye if you will lol) you’d remain Ideally unharmed. What’s actually dangerous is the outside and things that are in it. I compared that to life. If you stay focused In on what’s around you you’ll be contempt. It’s only when you focus too much on limitations and the distractions swirling around you that you can be caught up and hurt. They say we’re supposed to be good at art and communication is an art so… anyone else have a knack for this sorta thing?


I’m good at communication. I do well and studied a bit years ago…

Saying that. Schizophrenics, of which I am one, have a tendancy to think too much! It’s not a bad thing unless it stops you from living.

I’d say get out of your comfort zone and the centre…and move into the tornado.

( this is a metaphorical response! )


Orrrrrrrr like communication is an electrical circuit. The battery being your idea, the wires being your form of communication, and the lightbulb being the listener. If you have bad ways to communicate the speaker can’t understand same as bad wires ruining a circuit. If your idea is not refined you can have an uninteresting conversation no matter how you fluff it up. Like a circuit without the proper battery is once again useless. Lastly good ideas and communication in the presence of the wrong speaker and nothing is accomplished. Just like having a good battery and wires to power a faulty battery, once again, blah. Like I can do this all day lol

like 70% of the english language is redundant. You don’t need it for meaning. It’s all about social aspects.

I appreciate what your saying! It sounds perfectly responsible…I can dig that…

All’s I’m saying…Don’t overthink it! We do that too much!

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