Feeling worse after therapy

I told my therapist how I went off my meds and had an episode. She helped me feel I need the meds more, but this makes me feel worse. I feel completely hopeless.

Mental Health workers always prefer medication over and after talk. It’s a way to control people.

I’m sorry you are feeling hopeless.

I think that feeling hopeless was an important part of my recovery, for a while. I had to let go of the concept of the life I wanted to have. I had to recognize that my dreams were unachievable, and do work to figure out who I was as a person, absent my goals.

The thing is, though, after I did all that, I actually started to feel better. A lot better. Good enough to go back to some smaller goals, and start working on them again. And then slightly bigger goals. Until the point where my life now is very close to the life I had hoped for, if not an exact match.

“I can’t do it” is not the same as “I will never be able to do it”


I had to present some material to my one of two social workers. They are telling me I am doing really well. This is their misunderstanding of my illness. I decided to present them with my symptoms. It had the result of my trying to prove that the symptoms were real and not just somethings I denied. I just got into more and worse symptoms. They give me free samples for my “health.”

How do you help someone feel?

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