Feeling my life is fake

does thinking and feeling this world and life not being real comes from psychosis or dissosiation?

It can come from both.

Derealization can come from many mental illnesses.

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Finding meaning in life can be hard even for normies. Most people choose to live in the moment and don’t think too much about the “big picture”.

Can you elaborate on how your life doesn’t feel real?

When I was psychotic I got this but it might be different to you.

I felt like I was in a video game, even the colours seemed a bit different around me in a surreal kind of way.


Sometimes I ask myself;

Is this mine ?

And sometimes,

That’s all I need to hear.

Same here. At some point I thought I was in some sort of virtual reality and voices belonged to those pulling the strings from a higher dimension.
Don’t wanna go back there. It felt scary af.

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yea it really is…

I feel ya on that one

yes feeling the same 24/7 for years but cant belive its video game

I also don’t believe world is real. Nor my life.
This is why I don’t fear death.

What is real then, in your opinion Om ?
Also, you may think you don’t fear death because you didnt yet face a life or death situation, such as almost drowning in a river, or choking with food, or being held at gunpoint by a burglar.

feel like im real but nobody and nothing is real

I also feel the same especially when I wake up.
I feel like if my dreams continue when I am awake.

Yeah kind of stuck in a dream state here,
But use to it as my normal state of mind since it’s been this way for a while.

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