Feeling like a stubborn kid

I feel like a stubborn kid when I say no to my voices. “Turn off the music!” I say NO! “You can’t go there!” I say I WILL! “Your meds are poison!” I say I DON’T CARE!

Anyone else feel like a stubborn 5-yearold?


No I do not feel like a kid, but there was a time in my life that I wanted to be that 16-year old teenager who played with computers in the 1980s, because these 16 years old teens learn so quickly new things. When I get voices I typically just ignore these, because these are wrong. I have noticed that when I ride my bicycle 1-1.5 hours a day I rarely get any voices during my rides, at the same time I get my exercising that I need to control my diabetes.

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I feel a bit on the opposite end since my worst voice is that of a child. I’m the mean parent who won’t let the kid do Anything.

I fight three of them on everything they ask. two of mine of purely observational. But the other three I just have to disagree with. Even when its something simple like ice cream. I still feel that if I don’t fight them on every thing I’ll start loosing control of them.