Feeling "effective"

I have been thinking about what makes me happy sometimes. I feel happy when I can accomplish something. It can be something to do with my business affairs. Or it can be reading a very powerful, interesting book. Or it can be shopping around and finding something I really want at a very good price.
I call this, “wanting to be effective.” I think it motivates others, too. However, some very bad things can be done in the name of wanting to be more effective. For example, violence.
So I have to work on this concept.
With sz, I often feel ineffective.


I find that people were obsessively dishonest about me, my whole life, because they did not want me to be successful and a lot of interference I couldn’t overcome created my current situation. I think if the causes of schizophrenia were being treated effectively, people would have their same abilities which become drastically reduced.

I can relate to that. I managed to get off tobacco, which helped me feel alot better. Sometimes just doing good at hobbies works too, or just finding better peace of mind.

@anon6551389 @BrianTex
Thank you for your replies. They add to the discussion. There are many things to wish for when we can be effective.

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