Feel like crying :(

i really want to watch ‘Game of Thrones’

but i am getting panicky and scared :frowning:

i really want to watch this, it looks so good

What is making you feel panicky? Is it the show? Or is something going on around the home?

idk i’m not feeling good, i am getting panicky i watched Game of thrones and then the thing in it was about the walking dead and now i tried watching a film called ‘the mission’ and that didnt go well either, now i’m trying to watch something called ‘the fog’

i’m just trying to stave of the panic just now, i don’t normally get panicky but lately

i am worried i might be getting worse tbh

i’m tired of this disease :dizzy_face:

The Fog? You’re trying to watch the The Fog? That’s the one about the zombie ghost coming back out of the fog to right the wrongs of the past.

That one scared the beejeezus out of me. In fact I still put covers over the drains on foggy nights because of that movie. I just put the plugs in the tub and sink. But that one is very scary to me. I can’t watch that one at all.

Is there a nice comedy or love story that might help?

Is there a way you can see your friend or do something relaxing? I’m sorry that panic wave is hitting you.


■■■■ :skull: everything i watch has got zombies in it lately or is related to death

i better turn this over, i really wanted to watch Game of thrones though :frowning:

does anyone here watch that?

i seem to forget there is supposed to be a happy ending sometimes
but how can there be when zombies are involved?

i hate horror :frowning: i just wanted to watch game of thrones

i was watching Erin Brockovitch earlier though or a bit of it at least thats a love story

idk why i even have a tv now

i’m just listening to music now x

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game of thrones is awsome, but when you have sz we are a little more sensitive to certain genres e.g zombies …i always pick the right time , when i am in the most stable of moods.
even ’ normal ’ people get scared by certain things happening whether on t.v, film or in real life.
but you have to put things in context e.g. what are the chances zombies are going to attack me and so on.
sz does screw with our heads, it is screwing with my head right now !
Kidsister is right maybe watch a comedy or romance untill your mood stablizes.
take care


thx @darksith i thought i was stable enough to watch these things but i probably never will be that stable

i’m still trying to work out what i can watch and what i cant on tv, sometimes you never know when or where a zombie might pop up when watching tho,

there doesnt seem to be anything on tv right now so i am listening to this group right now-


i’ve actually ordered this album

this one is called ‘recover’ - http://youtu.be/SQc7b-nKsLo


That is so true. I’m really a chicken to horror. I don’t have Sz but horror will do me in. Anything with fighting and screaming will also upset me. Bad writing upset’s me, drug scenes upset me. Bratty kids make me sad, animals getting shot will upset me. I don’t have Sz and T.V. upsets me a lot.

My brother got rid of the T.V. all together a few years ago and we both feel so much better.
:no_good: :tv:


i’m not even doing anything now and i feel very on edge,

sucks being me lol

Please don’t beat your self up about this. I’m on edge for many many hours after seeing something scary. I have to leave the house sometimes and go walk it off. Unless it’s foggy… then I hide in bed.

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have u got any benzos dreamer? and tranquilisers? maybe u could take one? if not maybe just go to bed and try and get snuggly under the duvet. try and think happy thoughts. nice deep breaths. in through the nose and out through the mouth. do u know any mindfulness coping strategies. just pick up any object and concentrate soley on that object. really look at it. it’s shape, colour, form, texture. if ur concentrating on this object u will start to calm down. hope this helps. xxx


Game of thrones is so awesomee


Thank you for this idea. I get exam panic often. This idea will help me out a lot.


I watched the first season and half of the second season of Game of Thrones and it just keeps descending in depression and turned out I couldn’t watch it any more…plus the gore…too much violence for me…my brother just gave me a lot of movies that I love…especially the Star Wars episodes…Lord of the Rings…M.I.B. etc…

good advice jayne, anxiety can really be bad some times and I’d not ever heard of concentrating on an object before…

hope you get to feeling better daydreamer…


I like playing with lighters a wiki article said liars fidget with stuff anxiety or whatever dunno if Internet trash but I do it neways