Favourite choclate bar and why?


crunchy bars where else do you ever get honeycomb?


Mars bar. :chocolate_bar:


Milky Way - I like my candy soft and gooey


Another vote for Milky Way.


Three Musketeers. It used to be one of the biggest candy bars in stores. But over the years it has shrunken. It’s still good though.


Skor or Heath Bar. Texture, taste - has butter -


They make them that have two medium size bars in the one wrapper


For how much?..


I don’t know. I got them out of a machine - around a dollar. I looked briefy on google. There are several kinds of 3 Musketeers. I remember the old bars.


I love dark chocolate, I love toffy and carmel. Anything that puts that together is perfection.

I’ve made myself sick once eating too many of these.


I know this is weird but, I LOVE Milky Ways, but I like them frozen.


Lunch Bar - because I like the popped rice in it and the caramel toffee


Anything that has dark chocolate is my favorite. However I discovered a natural dark chocolate at the Fresh Market and I have fallen in love with it… the name currently escapes me.

I forgot to answer why…
I love this chocolate because they support animal rescue groups for endangered animals. Also I love that the chocolate is natural and not heavily processed.

Found it:


Bar One. I just love the caramel and nougat and chocolate combination. You get Bar One flavoured ice cream as well.


Hi kidsister, I never had a frozen Milky way bar, it sounds good though


Whatchamucallit: This bar has everything in it.


Another vote for 3 musketeers. I love the filling.


I like anything chocolate


I like frozen candy bars too. I have a BIG Hershey chocolate bar in my freezer right now.


When you freeze them you can cut them into slices.