Favorite type of rice by country

  • Indian rice
  • Chinese rice
  • Japanese rice
  • American rice
  • Mexican rice
  • “my country’s” rice (if not listed otherwise)
  • other

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I wish you had a catagory for “any” rice.

Gotta pick 1

I like Indian rice

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Won’t let me vote on my own poll

To those who said other, what countries? I’m intrigued

I don’t have enough experience to know what kind of rice I am getting at the store. I would probably have to say American, because it would probably be the one most enhanced for consumer satisfaction in America, though I don’t know that for certain.

Chinese rice is tasty, but goes bad real quick

Japanese rice is sticky and real good

Indian rice is thin and flavorful, lasts a while

Mexican rice is yellow or brown usually and flavored with little piece of vegetables in it

American rice is standard to me, good but I like Indian food

For example

I have no idea where the rice I buy comes from. I have basmati and jasmine rice in my cupboard.


So you’re talking about how the rice is prepared rather than where the rice is grown?

I’m with @anon9798425, jasmine and basmati are my favorites, too, but as far as cuisine goes, Thai.


Idk :confounded: all I know is I got Indian food yesterday and the rice is still good, meanwhile I get Chinese rice and it gets hard by morningtime :thumbsdown:

Pretty much I made this thread to suck up to the Indian posters

Where’s ish and zenmonk when u need them

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I love Indian food, too. I’m a big fan of curries.

I like Japanese rice in sushi, very short grained and sticky. I also really like Italian risotto dishes.

Chinese is okay. The only one I really don’t care for is Mexican.

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Uhhhh…this is a tough poll. Stuck between Mexican or Chinese rice. :confounded:

Our favorite type of rice is beef with rice.

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I like Japanese stir fry

Steak rice egg some veggies sautéed on the frying pan with soy sauce


One time my parents bought a $30 steak for me to cook it and I screwed it up…my dad got sick cuz I over cooked the steak undercooked the eggs I was devastated

Now I only cook for them if I buy the food and surprise them with it rather than screwing up a perfect steak :thumbsdown:

I don’t have the taste to know what is the difference between rice.

@crimby, try Jasmine rice, and Basmati rice. They cook just like “Uncle Ben’s” (1part rice to 2 parts water, about 20 minutes) And they’re delicious! :yum:

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Uncle bens is so bland IMO

It’s gross. I agree! I like India rice the best as well… With curry…spinach… Yummy!

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I’m with Tree and Rhubes, basmati and jasmin rice are the best :slight_smile:


My Dad’s Korean friend brought over some purple rice that came in one big clump called “sticky rice”. It’s Thai food.