Favorite soda poll

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  • Coke
  • Dr Pepper
  • A&W Rootbeer
  • Vernors
  • Squirt

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Have never had squirt or vernors

When I used to drink soda they had this stuff called Pepsi blue that tasted like a melted blue slushie, so good.

Squirt is a grapefruit flavored soda. Vernors is ginger-ale.

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I tried to download regular Pepsi. The file was too big.

Thanks @anon6551389 … I love ginger-ale

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Root beer. That’s what I get when I used to go out.

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Microwaved Dr. Pepper with a lemon wedge to squeeze into it. That was Papa’s cure all for winter days where we had to walk home from school. Then we played board games until 10pm when my mom picked us up after work. This was only thru 4th grade for me since I had to be driven in 5th due to wheelchair and driven 6thgrade for wheelchair, cane and walker. 7th and 8th grade I took the bus and my grandparents had moved to SD.

But I do the Dr Pepper thing with my kids, they get a shot of liquor in it if it’s not school night and they had to shovel, as we don’t have bus service here so they’ve always been driven to school, never had to walk.

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I love coke. Plain old high sugar. I don’t drink it much anymore for health reasons but if I’m down the club I’ll have one for a caffeine and sugar hit to get me some energy.

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Most of those i dont know. I think id like the grapefruit one, but it probably isnt available here. Just coke and dr. Pepper.

I haven’t drank a soda in over 2 months.

Diet or otherwise…

I just had to cut my grocery budget and that’s what went, lol

I like Squirt. It’s really good.

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I was just bored and like polls.

Sprite. I keep Coke’s in the house too though.

I tried to download Sprite. Their file was too big.

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