Favorite pandora station

God, atmosphere on Pandora is so sick

Y’all should check it out

I hate how Jefferson airplane only plays white rabbit and somebody to love, no other JA songs. Atmosphere has like 50 songs on pandora and great “related artists” too

list is too long. I’ll just say all genres

I don’t like Pandora :-1:t2:

You like atmosphere? Minneapolis is close to South Dakota I think :thumbsup:

yes I like atmosphere :blush:
and yeah it’s kind of close! just a few hours away!

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I use premium spotify only. I have over 545 hours of songs in my library and I never tire of it. I listen to it every day.


I used to have premium when I had a job. now I just deal with the ads and limited 6 skips per hour. :frowning:

Is Spotify better than Pandora? I’ve only ever used Pandora.

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I like 80s pop on Pandora too i should mention :wink:

I listen to the Halo sound tracks primarily, in both Pandora and spotify. They get me pumped because they are engineered that way for the mass population.

I prefer it over Pandora, especially if you’re on a desktop or a laptop.

I only listen to it on my phone

On the computer I listen to songs on YouTube

I only have my phone for internet access, but maybe I’ll check it out anyway.

if you pay for it you can use it without using data, no adds and unlimited skips. I use it on my phone more often than not. but you can just simply create playlists of certain moods/genres too, so you can at least generalize what you want

on the computer you can easily access most of your songs all in one spot. choosing whatever song you want

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Yeah YouTube is frustrating sometimes maybe I’ll give it a try thanks

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