Fashion----What color clothes suit you best?

i was told blue is my color… :tea:

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Blue I wear but green is my favorite color

I have blue eyes so it matches

White! I love white clothes on me

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I wear charcoal all the time, but reds and oranges look the best on me.

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Red, white and black. Mostly black. Like an American flag gone wrong.

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Black. I keep trying to bring in more color, but always prefer wearing black.

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I like to wear pastels.

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Dark colors. Except underwear. Those are all neon


Spooky tiedye :horse:

I love my navy blue hoodies.

I’m all about black. That might be juvenile, but my olive oil complexion and my sunken eyes allow me to wear it well.

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Nothing bright. Non leprechaun greens, black, grey. I’m a fiery red head so it doesn’t work when I try to compete against my hair. I’ve come to accept it.

Blue of all kinds suit for my skin and personality. But sometimes I wear light pink colour.

mine iz black…
man in black…

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Black…because it hides food stains…and other stains. :smiley:


I like pastel colours but seem to suit dark blue better.

black and a splash of red :flushed: …wait… that’s the blood…whoops !?! :imp:
take care :alien:

I love black… The most.
Also bright colours seem to work for me well! I get a lot of compliments.

I also wear a lot of glitter :sparkles:

Black, blue and purple. Pastels make me look sickly.

Black, dark gray or dark blue.