Exposed to Covid

My stepdaughters friend was at our house for the last few days. Without telling us, she wasn’t feeling well. Last night her temperature was 103F (39.4C). They didn’t bother to tell us she was sick until this afternoon. She’s been at our house with close contact the whole time.

Her dad doesn’t believe Covid is real and didn’t allow her to be vaccinated. Total BS.



Do you think maybe you should get a test? (I don’t remember what the incubation period is, from contact to shedding virus.)

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oh for hells sake!
sorry to hear
please see if there are any vulnerable people meds for covid in the first 5 days of symptoms if you can get any should you get symptoms

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I am lucky to not have covid again as my brother tested positive and he lives with me. I just stay away from him, been over a week so he’s almost virus free. My best friend’s father tested positive today so my friend is getting tested too tomorrow.

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My stepdad thinks it’s the flu.

I guess 700,000 corpses isn’t enough to convince some people.

My aunt won’t vaccinate her kids and they all got it, none of them died but if any one of them had I would probably have never spoken to her again, that’s flat out negligence if you ask me.


Yes, but not for a few says because it doesn’t always show up right away. I’m going to call the Covid nurse line and ask how long I should wait to get tested


I agree that that’s negligence @agent101g . Just awful!

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My wife was torqued with me when I used the govt ap to scan her co-workers’ QR codes before they visited us last month. This is why.

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Covid is especially risky for people with schizophrenia, and I don’t get why her dad would allow her to be exposed to the virus. I find this kind of uninformed people the worst. Schizophrenia is second only to age when it comes to risk factors for dying from COVID-19, and that’s why people need to be super careful of it. My sister also has schizophrenia, and she got tested positive with Covid even after being vaccinated. We couldn’t risk anything happening to her, so we consulted a lot of doctors about the medicine and treatment she must receive.

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If i may ask

How exactly does covid effect people differently with sz than no sz? I could understand clozapine could play a roll with white blood cell loss but where else are we vulnerable?

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@anon39015889 There have been various studies, papers, etc. Posted on this subject on the forum.

Here is link to search results using “COVID” and “schizophrenia” as the search terms.


I still cant see how sz people are 3 x more likely to die after reading those articles they all classified as they classify it as

If an sz person smokes - classified as sz
If a sz person has diabetes - classified as sz.

Just because they have sz lol…

I think people with sz have a greater chance of living due to there self isolation patterns. I couldnt see how covid would effect me in the slightest if i was psychotic. Think it would actually be a good escape in a fuucked up way

Depression though, that would edge covid along as we need the will power to survive during such shitty times.

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I think it’s more based on the supposed lifestyle of someone with sz. The smoking, sedentary, isolation.

It’s kind of an odd assumption. I would think obesity or asthma would be worse


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