Expereincing psychotic epiosdes on Vraylar and Risperdone combo

What should I do? its the weekend and I can’t just stop taking my meds.

Call for help. Tell your family. I would have my husband take me to the emergency room. What’s your emergency plan?

My plan is suffer until Monday when I can call the nurse. I’ve dealt with these symptoms before and listening to music really helps me its just in the evenings things get worse. Although, i should probably call my mom or dad and tell them. Thanks for the response

Hang in there. Out of the blue I started occasionally hearing voices. I took it up with my psychiatric care provider - nurse & case manager. I finally saw the Pdoc who upped my antipsychotic med - Risperidone. After about a week the voices stopped. I was told to call the 24/7 emergency phone number if I needed to.

Thanks Mike. ill definitely keep the phone nearby in case i need to use it. :slight_smile:

If it’s a new script give it some time. Otherwise call your nurse and talk to her.

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