Expecting the worst

Went to therapy today. Had a full hour of great conversation. We covered a ton of topics and got pretty in-depth with some of them. I really dig this new therapist.

Unfortunately, the local mental health clinic has been in a constant state of chaos for over a year now. Firings, doctors quitting, programs being closed etc. Totally unstable.

Now I’m waiting for this therapist to quit, or get fired, or whatever. It’s just my luck.

Consistency of treatment personnel has not been the greatest for me at clinics.

A clinic I was at went bankrupt, but my therapist got a job elsewhere, and I traveled a little ways to continue with him. Fortunately for me, I had the means to make that choice.


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Expecting the worst is very very un-zenlike. Even though its how we predict bad things happening… Its quite a bad attitude. Even though its how the brain works… a heuristic for safety. But its very very unhippy like… Even though, if it weren’t for all those negative thoughts? Negative things would happen…

But its very very un movie star like…