Existence is all about what matters and what doesn't

Existence is all about what matters and what doesn’t. - Sagar Gorijala.

Big time job making 100k a year…doesn’t matter in existence

enjoying yourself…music, movies, eating…matters

Getting enough money to support yourself matters

I practice wu-wei. I don’t strive to the point of obsession anymore. Big burden lifted off my back.

I don’t need to listen to Alan Watts anymore because I’m past that. He is for the unenlightened who are still searching. I’m not saying I am “enlightened” but I am “enlightenment”. We all are if we want to be.

I don’t get what Eminem is so angry about… I am a peaceful man. But I get joy off listening to his music, just observing, not idolizing. Idols are bad. Just watch and observe, take in the sweet sounds and melodies. Don’t try to be, you already are.


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