Exercise for Beginners

What can i do to try and keep fit when i hate exercise?

I try and do as much as i can during the day and the week and i thought this would be enough to keep me fit but i’m still unfit.

what else can i do?

You could start with a brisk walk and maybe some beginner’s yoga youtube videos.

That’s how I started.


In order to be fit you need to exercise. I think the key is finding exercise that you do like to do. Do you like swimming? Maybe there’s a facility with a pool near you. Riding a bike? Even in winter you can still ride a bike. There’s Pilates, yoga, racquetball, tennis, cross country and/or downhill skiing… Something I like to do during my cardio is watch either movies or sitcoms to keep my mind occupied so the exercise isn’t so boring.

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Whatever you do, you’ve got to exert yourself. That’s what I tell myself, as long as your breathing hard your burning calories. This will be extraordinarily hard at first but will get easier the fitter you get

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Walking is a great exercise. I lost a lot of weight with portion control, then added walking. It really worked.


i kinda think its stressful to exercise :frowning: even walking for too long is hard

I like table tennis, tennis & badminton is ok, basketball, I also like lawn bowls and boxing, i would like to try a dance class for men maybe but idk if thats a thing lol

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Yeah that will be fun but you’d really need to go for it dancing lol. Swinging your arms and feet like their disconnected from your body. That’s what I would do, just make sure you don’t knock someone out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How long have you been doing it? Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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i havent done any of those exercises for a while but i think i’d like to play some basketball with a friend

I really like these

They were $17 and really worth it, you can pretend like your lifting weights. They are really quite cool and a good workout. I only need one band but I’m assuming you’re much stronger than me and would need 2 or 3 bands to get a good workout. You can also buy a bigger set for more weight. And it hooks right into any door so you can use it anywhere you go.

On top of that it feels good to walk. I like the treadmill because if I get tired or my hip starts hurting I can just stop. Then you can do body weight exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups and planks, all good beginner exercise that don’t require equipment. And don’t forget about stretching, just do it in your bed before you go to sleep, it’s nice.

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I watched the video about the resistance bands and it looks ok but i kind of feel like i’d get more out of a pilates work out than using that bc there is a lot more bending and twisting so working more muscles

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I’ve used something like that and they’re pretty cool. I’ve heard terrible tales of them coming off the door frame and smacking people in the eye/face so I don’t use them that way.

@Resilient1, Chair yoga is really great for really stiff beginners who want to do yoga and have never tried it. Chair yoga is just as good for the body as regular yoga. You can find apps for it on PlayStore and AppStore.


I took racquetball in college, and used their facilities to play with whomever of my friends would play, up to 5 days a week. I haven’t played in years, but it was fun!

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I suggest finding something you enjoy doing.For exercise it’s easier to walk around the park,if your in the mood jogging too

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