Everyone needs someone stable in their life


who’s your stable?

mine is Phil, except when he drinks to excess, then I have to put him to bed.

but my mom is a real rock.


Family and relatives. The People that work at my clubhouse are the best.


My parents are the stable ones in my life. They have always supported me in what i did. They have always taken me in when i needed to come back home. They encourage me to see my pdoc and therapist and take my meds. They’re good stuff.


My mom for sure. She always has it together and helps me so much.


My fiancé and my mother, without them I would be lost


Probably my closest friend. Feel like I know how to talk to him when I see him and even though a lot of people don’t seem to understand mental illness, he has just been ok and treated me the same. I get along with his girlfriend like that as well.