Erased my blog yesterday; didn’t keep a copy either

It was having an effect back on me, washing over me, over time gradually, that had me learn the long way, that it was time.
It was renting space in my mind…

Slept like a log afterward too.

The last social media I’d like to stop using is LinkedIn because they show you a bit on those who may, or may not be searching you(by name)… not good for a Paranoid Sz.

Am interested to hear if there are others caught in the dilemma of seeing some bits, like company name of someone who is searching your name. Ultimately I decided that’s pretty triggering! And I’d rather not know! Lol(?).


It’s expressed today here as a compliment to this place… I must only remember for me, that this place works for me when I use it in moderation.

I freed up space in my head… And I don’t know but I think it’s safe for me to say: this outlet; this form of social media, will be the last to go…(?!) and as a good add on to say… maybe I’ll always be here : ) and maybe that’s cool(.?!).


I got rid of my social media because it was making me very nervous and paranoid. I’m glad I did


I joined Facebook for like 10 minutes.
Quickly deleted my account afterwards.

I didn’t feel safe on there.

Glad I left


My name is bland. But I’ve made Some outlandish and incredulous type moves and choices.

Worry sometimes that payback will be a ■■■■■?

I’ve been working on improving my headspace through apologies and forgiveness… even found my way into a church to try a secular type of praying about nicotine and being a success on that.

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