Epigenetics and the development of Schizophrenia

@SzAdmin has anything happened on this subject since 3.5 years ago? i just stumbled on to the subject and posted my own thread which lead me to seek out epigenetics on this forum and i found this topic :slight_smile:

I have a question about it though, if we manage to positively manipulate the gene(s) expressed by sz then what’s to stop them coming back? How do we keep our minds healthy enough to stop negative gene expression?

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In general ,The cause of Sz is outside factor
It means ; is not a natural part from the inherited genetic material
The cause of Sz in it self is a “strange” malicious psychiatric structure,linking with the basic structure of the human psychiatric structure and has seeks to becomes a part from the psychological component (the self)/or makes the human psychological component a part from itself

This means that,the basic structure of Sz cause has been adapted in structure/function to linking with the internal psychological component of the human being (because the similarity of the structure between both)
Therefore the cause of Sz is not External Environmental Factor in nature (structure/function
The cause of Sz described as an outside factor regard with the inherited genetic material,which is means the cause of Sz seems as a malicious structure of Parasite linking with the inherited material

All of these will be printing in the internal feeling of any person with Sz ,wherever he feels the existence of a strange psychological structure features linking with him internally ,and feels that the stranger is not a part from his inherited psychological structure

The cause of sz has effects on the biology/psychology of the person through psychological /mental and cognitive “information” characteristics to changes the personal behavioral responses during effects of the environmental factors with the person in any daily life event that the person coexistence with (get used to it)

Impossible to find interaction processes between all environmental factors and the genetic material to establishing the schizophrenia condition itself or any common symptoms,because the sz cause is more complicated than the current theoretical preconceives

Histone modifications and DNA methylation represent central dynamic and reversible processes that regulate gene expression and contribute to cellular phenotypes.
These play fundamental roles in a diverse set of signaling and behavioral outcomes.

Find a link between specific elements and the underlying mechanisms responsible for the disorder and its treatment.

Evidences suggest that, epigenetic modifications in certain brain regions and neural circuits represent a key mechanism through which environmental factors interact with individual’s genetic constitution to affect risk of psychiatric conditions throughout life.

The questions:
Show us the genetic functions that coding and decoding the existential characteristics of the psychiatric condition ?
-the gene has repeat itself and synthesis the proteins,and we do not know how for gene or/protein producing a psychiatric condition (what is the mechanism responsible for creation of a psychiatric condition )

  • What is the disorder in itself
    (the structure /function)
    -What is the psychiatry condition in itself
    What evidences proof that a specific psychiatric condition is the expression of bad gene ?

In the case,if the schizophrenia is a genetic disease:
The bad gene is the Body Disease itself,which means the sz case itself and bad gene is one single thing in the nature of the person,i.e the sz case is the case of expressed gene !
The psychiatry symptoms of disease is the characteristics of gene expressions
the disorder substance is the abnormal biochemical functions that establishing the symptoms (translation the gene messages into psychiatry symptoms through biochemical processes)
Mal-gene has expresses about his disease by display the symptoms characteristics

So,bad gene expression establishing bad psychiatry symptoms (on the paper)
the idea oF research: some environmental factors interact with normal gene ,and making changes in his inherited structure which lead to producing bad gene expressions which classify as the mental symptoms of schizophrenia

In the case if that is true: the original psychiatry condition of the person will be canceled forever and no way to restoration the original psychiatry condition ,and there is no any cure from SZ !
-it is supposed that there is no any Side Effects of genetic disease treatment ,because it is compensative treatment
-the improvement occurs in the genetic disease after the first dose (not after 2 week-4 week or more )
-the person with genetic disease unable to save his life if he stop takes med
All symptoms of sz can be treated after 2-4 week ,and the person can stop med forever because he has the ability to living his life as normal under the existence of sz case inside his private psychiatric condition

All of these means that : the mental/cognition symptoms of Sz are not an expression of bad gene

Please,look to the important fact:
if you look inside the private psychiatry condition of any person with Sz,you will find that :
There are two psychiatric conditions,one exists beside the other, working by rotation in the conscious state,the first is the psychiatric state of the person"inherited", and the second for a viperous psychiatric condition
Both of them have the full personality characteristics
Each one of them is independent about the other in the basic structure/functions

The original "inherited " psychiatric state of the person has remain exists as it was from the early childhood,the person stays the same person without any change,it is display its existential features ,preparing the higher mental processes and producing all types of the human behaviors as normal

The second malicious psychiatric state has seeks to interference with each higher mental process driven by the mind of the person ,objection the process and has trays to modifying the mental concept of the process and printing the modified concept in the memory of the original psychiatric state

All of this means that,there are 2 different psychiatric states practice their activities by rotation though the biochemistry of One Brain,this causing internal fighting between 2 psychiatric state to control the thoughts concepts that management all behavior outputs

The genetic functions of the human gene are unable to producing BOTH of the inherited psychiatric condition beside a malicious psychiatric condition in the same time,can not creation 2 psychiatric conditions in a wrestling condition,whereas each psychiatric condition is a whole representation of independent living psychiatric entity (information,culture,personal ideology ,behavior mores )

The sz condition represent his/herself in the human nature as a strange psychiatric entity has all characteristics of personality , has a free will and has seeks to controlling the free will of the inherited psychiatric condition (host), and this means that each person with sz must feels that the sz condition has acts as a female personality or male,not as an effects of chemical substances !

During the Sz lifetime,the inherited psychiatric condition stays as normal without it have a self disease,and if the science knows a method to removing the malicious psychiatric condition ( the existentialism substance of sz condition) ,the person will give back his full control on his thoughts and behavior outputs as he was before the occurrence of Sz condition,and living his life internally as a single psychiatric condition !

It’s hard to make sense of what you are trying to say,

From what I know about epigenetics it’s the gene expressed in our family tree that determines whether we are susceptible to sz,

For whatever reason the bad genes are expressed in our ancestors and passed down and we develop sz when this is switched on.

Maybe it is a reaction to times of turmoil where the survival instinct is so strong that it’s a constant mental struggle to get food, stay warm and dry, and not getting eaten by lions or wolves, these things in my opinion could affect the epigenetics of the brain,

It’s a natural reaction to danger and struggle and in the world we live in atm it’s pretty scary, these markers get passed down.

We know,it is hard for you to understand the basic nature of the schizophrenia cause/case>
I say that :schizophrenia case/cause itself is unknown phenomenon For You
You said" We develop Sz when this is switched on"
The simple question:
Tell us what is the schizophrenia itself ?
May be you know the diagnostic material of something you call Sz,but have no idea about the nature of the mother case itself,the founder factor,the effect characteristics,interactions,results …etc,it means you are diagnosis a symptoms no else !
You do not know the potential state of the schizophrenia mother case itself,and this is the core of the Sense for you and all scientists

Please, Do not talk about the cause of schizophrenia before you explain what is the basic nature of the phenomenon that you call it schizophrenia-do you understand the question ?

Write what you want About what you know About the basic nature of the schizophrenia-you can not write single sentence ! this is the sense itself

We have no ear to listen to you speaking about the causes of so-called schizophrenia ( genetic causes,chemical ,psychological,environmental …etc) while you do not know the schizophrenia itself-mainly !

The sense is that:
You can not diagnosis the symptoms,the case,the cause .the internal events, and processes by lab means,you can not see the body (structure) of Sz case inside the anatomical structure,as if does not existed
you can not monitoring the precesses that precede the observed symptoms and causing them

Extraction,you can not find/diagnosis the sz case,cause and symptoms in the body structure by using the methods of science ,just you have your personal observations !!!

it is supposed that,you can not assume organic /material causes to establishing a ghostly phenomenon in the anatomical structure,while you do not know(mainly) the shape/body/structure of the phenomena by your self or by scientific methods !
You are assume a materialist cause for ghostly phenomenon-no else !
Just you say words " the gene expression is the cause of ghostly phenomenon so-called Sz "

Schizophrenia is a things that you con not see/diagnosis in the biological structure,because it is linking with the psychiatric state as a Parasite Psychiatric structure (PPS)

In practice,the scientific methods are unable to diagnosis living PPS in the time-place of the human psychiatric conscious state,in other words you can not reading the basic data of the sz case/cause through your observations or the scientific methods ,therefore you will speak only about the diagnostic material which be easy to read !

Simple question:
In general,what is the schizophrenia ?
It seems very easy to answer,but you will find that all possible answers are irrelevant -why !
It is supposed that,if you know the correct answer,your answer content should be a clear description for the cause itself nothing else !

To understand the issue;
there are 3 common questions asking ;
1-In general,what is the genetic disease ?
2-In general ,What is the viral disease ?
3-In general ,What is the bacterial disease ?

In the case,if you know the genetic disease,your answer content will be a clear description to the gene (the cause), you will taking about the structure and function of the gene ,and its functional role in the development the fit/mal health condition (disease)

The health condition which be called a disease ,is the result of the functional behavior of the gene (the expressions).
in other words,the patient gene is the body structure of the disease condition ,or the patient gene (what you call -defective gene) is the disease substance in the anatomical structure

In the case,if you know the viral disease,you will talking about the virus (the cause),its life circle in the host cells,and its functional role to development the bad health condition (the disease) ,whereas the virus body is the substance of the disease inside the anatomical structure of the host

Now,we asking;
In general ,what is schizophrenia ?
it is supposed that,your answer content is a clear description for the (X) cause (structure/function),and its functional behavior to development the health condition which be called (schizophrenia), whereas the cause body has represents the substance of the health condition (Sz) in the human nature ,
,If you think sz is a disease condition ,you should speaking about the cause itself to let us know the class,category,division , group …etc of this condition

In the case,if you say,sz is a genetic disease,you should talking about specific gene (defective) who is responsible to development the sz health condition (disease) ,and proof that there is a causality relationship between bad expressions of defective gene and all types of symptoms

In real world, most people belief that,sz is genetic disease without finding any defective gene .as if they are believing with ghostly Gene have no visual organic structure in the bodies of all schizophrenic individuals !

First of all,find the defective gene,second, proof the causality relationship between it and all symptoms of sz ,then you can say: sz is a genetic disease !