Environmental factors related to development of psychotic disorders?

I grew up poor. We were on food stamps. My dad was an alcoholic and crack cocaine abuser. I experienced neglect and sexual abuse as a child. My mother died a week after my 7th birthday. I went to a bad middle school and was bullied often. I had my first experience with drugs when I was 15, I consumed a marijuana brownie. When I was 16 I did acid twice. 17 I did ketamine. 18 I smoked marijuana heavily and developed a dependence, smoking multiple “blunts” a day. I did acid two months prior to my one psychotic episode. Smoked marijuana up until the day I was arrested for a crime committed while psychotic. I’m just curious if all these contributed to me developing schizophrenia or not. Another thing that’s peculiar is that my affect never changed while psychotic, it only charged when on risperdal because of the sedative effects. Do some people not have changes in emotions and affect when they become psychotic? I’m just trying to put together the pieces to the puzzle of my psychological downfall.

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Yes drugs and stress can make it much more likely to develop a psychotic disorder…

Oh god, that’s awful. Yes, it probably did lead to you developing schizophrenia. Hope you’re doing better now

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