Encoding the Brain

I am doing an experiment: I hide my mood and let logical thinking to take over.
I am now neither happy or sad. I can handle daily tasks easier but not any better.

Mood might have become my weakness.

If this experiment succeeded, I will continue to use logical thinking only to avoid any emotional pain in the future.

I am seeking your advice. Do you have any objection?


Experimenting could be useful; As long as it isn’t proven fatal to your health in any form.

Perhaps update or even record your progression through a daily journal (if possible). Could be interesting to see the level of progress as its made on a daily basis and keep in mind, one day at a time can be helpful (or at least that’s what I have to tell myself, but then again, my mind is like a rabbit on speed - my thoughts never stop).

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Thanks to Unit_Invalid.

It’s been half day experimenting it.
So far, I noticed that:

  1. Difficulty to tell whether my opinion is positive or negative.
  2. Better control of myself - keep them all in my head without feeling emotional pain.

It is almost impossible to hide your emotions - humans are very emotional animals. I mean suppressing your emotions will not eliminate how you really feel

Maybe you’re right, I will consider your feedback.

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I would suggest the opposite. Let emotions play out, and use less logic. Logic is faulty, but emotions will let your subconscious do the filtering.

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I agree with @Wave and @bear371

We are emotional by nature and let them do what they do. After having the negative swing take all emotions from me… I’m pretty glad to have some back.

I had to relearn how to control them. I’m still learning. But I’d rather let the emotions out. Better then my previous state where a chair had more to offer then I did.

live long and prosper (Spok)

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Hallo, Hallo!

I will say that I believe you draw an excellent point that logic is faulty. As the reality for one is not the reality for another, logic for one is also not the logic for another. You can think through to all depths of situations, but this could also throw one into a whirlwind of inanity. Could be disastrous, though in a situation that most of us seem to find ourselves in, allowing emotions to play out open force may also cause issue - perhaps for ourselves or any care takers anyone may have.

Moderation, I suppose could be key?.. experimenting to learn how to balance the both?

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using your head instead of your heart I think you need a balance between the too but if its helping you feel better carry on doing what your doing.

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What kind of emotions do you (or did you) typically run through during your days (and perhaps even, nights)?

I read a book called Taming your Gremlin, and it surrounds the idea of playing a thought out in your head before acting it out. Like replying to this post…Yeah you’re gonna type a sentence, but will it really help in the end or will you waste 15seconds. What else would you do? You never know. Go for it.

Then it’s like ok…its similar I think. It worked for a few weeks, but I moved on.

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In DBT I learned that you should balance your emotions and the logical side of your brain with WISE MIND

I was wondering if you have the same symptom as i have. My thoghts never stop too, i always think of something, i imagine senario and start analysing about it like i am writing a movie script, i over analyse conversation that took place a day ago or even a week ago, my mind is always finding a senario to think about it.

humans are a labyrinth of moods…to suppress one, closes a door to another.
to know ones thoughts ,we must walk the dusty hallways of our minds.
take care :alien:

There are many ways in which I can compare to the symptoms you have just described; My husband told me about two days ago that it always seems as if when the smallest thing occurs to me, I seem to spend an excessive amount of time recollecting and analyzing what had happened.

In other occasions, I seem to over think on scenarios that haven’t happened yet, but could (and on most of those occasions, my assumptions are correct and it ends up happening anyways, regardless of how much I try to prevent it). This is typically where the “movie script” thing comes in. Feels like you’re the main attraction in your own movie.

When my husband is away and I sit reflecting on things, I begin to think on what I had said, ways in which I could have better phrased something, or perhaps, something I wish I had said, but didn’t. In that, it has gotten to the point where sometimes (only if I am alone), I’ve caught myself actually performing hand gestures to the conversation that is on my mind or talking out loud in a slight whisper.

In a different way, my husband has a hard time talking to me. This morning, he got upset because I made a joke about …well, … me. When he spoke to me about it, he claimed that rather than sitting like a catatonic Schizophrenic, perhaps I should try to change my perspective and just merely not be inane. He doesn’t understand that it doesn’t work that way and I tried to explain to him that when he is mean with me, my mind is crazed enough to store every single word and insult he is saying, which doesn’t make me want to improve. It makes me want to worsen. I will truly sit for days and reflect back on anything mean, depressing, or hurtful that he had said. I still think back to things he did that hurt or upset me over a year ago and while I don’t make a fuss about it, I can feel depression rise from my chest and I let out a full on sigh as if I was still experiencing the trauma of what I was thinking about as if it were still happening.

Sometimes when my mind is doing this though, I’ve began trying to put the energy and effort to good use. Trying to get back into college, I’ve began trying to distract my thoughts by writing educated and accredited essays that will assist me when I complete the exam that will grant me back into college. I’ll admit though… Some nights, I don’t want to write so I just let my mind more or less torture me until I can’t take it and have to expose my excess of emotions.

Thank you for Replying… I have looked other forums and found only few people that have this type of symptoms, but they were not diagnosed since they don’t have psychotic symptom…
I have the symptoms you mentioned along with delusion symptom, but usually I don’t become delusional very easy with med. I have been diagnoses psychotic disorder NOS and SZA. I think my real diagnoses is Psychotic Disorder NOS, since I don’t have Hallucinations, Catatonic behavior, thought disorder or any negative symptoms that is comorbid with schizo.
and one more think I want to mention. My over analyzing and all that symptoms makes me be a phisopher and I am smarter among my friends. none of my friends know that I have mental illness. I do tell them that I have mental illness but I don’t mention that it is psychotic type.

Do you struggle with the issue of your friends considering it difficult to comprehend the things you speak on?

I’ve found that this can be a two-way struggle; I am (sad to be egotistically said) more intelligent than members of my family and various others that have been previously considered friends. So when speaking to them, I have to be very… “Dumbed-down” in order to be able to get a point across. However, that can be difficult when I do often speak cryptically - especially when it comes to specific situations. This makes it difficult for you to explain and for them to understand - hence, two-way struggle.

Have you ever thought of telling your friends that it is of the psychotic type? I’m unsure if I could say it would be for the best. My Mother-in-law has better research skills than the FBI so when she found out I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, it immediately began spread that it is of the ‘psychotic’ diagnosis. This made things so ill in my favor, but perhaps it could go better for you if you have the advantage of support.

i have no problem involving in conversations, and usually i am the only one that have a smart ideology. I dont tell my friends that i have psychotic illness, i do tell tham that i have mental illness but i dont mention psychosis. And they never see any difference in me since i act, talk, and behave the same way as my healthy friends, and i dont explaine tham how i strugle inside.

Sorry for late reply.

Usually hostility and suspiciousness.