Eli Lilly says obesity drug tirzepatide resulted in weight loss of up to 34 pounds


I’ve been expressing concern about my weight to my pdoc for a little bit now.

Not asking, but kind of asking for a weight loss drug.

Finally he prescribed me one.

Only on the condition that I come in the office and get weighed.

Well, I’m so embarrassed about how much I’ve gained in the two, three years it’s been since I’ve been to his office that I’ve actually tried to lose weight.

I’ve lost.

Like a considerable amount.

So now I’m reconsidering the weight loss drug all together.

Apparently I just wasn’t making enough of an effort.

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And I’ll add,

That ■■■■ is crazy expensive.

Will be for a long time.

So anyone hoping to use these weight loss drugs might as well just start dieting.

It’ll be years before it’s commonly available.

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I’ve lost a bunch of weight thanks to drugs like Ozempic and now Mounjaro but I am a type 2 diabetic.

These drugs have been prescribed to non obese people who just want to be thinner.

They’ve turned into vanity drugs.

The only people that need to be on these drugs are diabetics and morbidly obese patients

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I’m on Saxenda (liraglutide) that my doc gives me samples from the drug rep…he tried to prescribe Ozempic but since I only have prediabetes Medicare wouldn’t cover it. I’ve lost 70 lbs in 2 years but I still had to make lifestyle changes. But with the med I don’t crave junk food all the time. I’m trying to lose weight for knee replacement surgery.