Effects of ketamine appear to mirror the neurological changes identified in schizophrenia

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Basically if you have psychosis you can never really do recreational drugs (even if they’re for therapeutic purposes) because they will all aggravate psychosis. I’ve been tempted before to try weed and LSD but after reading people’s horror stories on here I’m not tempted anymore. If you have psychosis or especially if you’re at risk for developing it just don’t touch any of those things.

“The results also suggest that a treatment suppressing glutamate activity in the hippocampus could improve the brain connectivity of patients with schizophrenia and potentially alleviate certain symptoms of the disease.”

If this is the case then why is glycine promoted as beneficial to szs when it promotes glutamate production?

Sorry it seems that gaba and glycine are inhibitory rather than exceditory like glutamate is…

Because it depends on what area of the brain you’re talking about, in certain areas the problem is too much, certain areas too little

(Too little=negative effects)

It’s hard to find something to treat negative symptoms that won’t also flare up positives and vice versa.


if you take glycine orally how can you know which part of the brain it will effect?

Exactly you can’t hence the issue I mentioned above. We don’t really have medications that are that targeted yet.

Waiting for nanobots in the bloodstream then… :slight_smile:


Some of the meds do appear to change chemistry in certain parts of the brain. But it’s not by design, it just so happened that that was how those molecules worked. I’ll try to find a few quotes from research on newer meds.

2021!! I remember that was supposed to be the date they came out. Let’s see if that’s true…

Depersonalization experienced under anaesthetics like Ketamine is apparently identical to Schizophrenia. I would imagine this information could give researchers and manufacturers of aps a basis for further investigation into how they might reverse its effect in sz.

It is also odd that if ketamine is a temporary schizophrenia that it is also be toted as an antidepressant. Or is it the fact that people have sz is the cause of the depression, rather than depression is necessarily part of sz.

Another “someday” for targeting drugs and for studying how they work.


Hey @Anna in my Internet advetures I read that excess glutamate can result in bladder contractions. Just wondering if that was the mechanism behind that side effect.

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