E*Vax is the s***

And yes I want to smoke

Sip icey cold water slowly

Forgot about the smoking again.

Will be sleeping soon.

Any later and you will be in my time zone.

Oh wait… cravings back.

it’ll pass though.

Man looking back I wasted a whole lot of time on substances. I was to broke to enjoy myself fully anyways. Scooting around. Rum and coke here cigarette there. Marijuana every half hour.

I ■■■■■■ up college and my mind dude… ■■■■ my parents or ■■■■ me or ■■■■ the past. I mean my life is alright now(aside from having sz) it’s like right after you start a game of the sims and get it all set up.

Real basic ■■■■.

Still wtf am I complaining about. People have it much worse.

I’m cosmopolitan man of the world. I only live like the rest so the others have a chance to see me.

:■■■■ eating grin smiley:

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Yeah who the ■■■■ is this guy? I’ve seen him on something.

Had to unmute. Guess he’s a funny man.

Real funny. Lol.

An Australian comedian songwriter. Currently worked on the music and lyrics for Matilda the musical.