Drugs work better when you are sleeping

I was wondering. If we had a very sick patient. And drugs dont work. Maybe we could give them the medication while they are sleeping. We could even monitor their sleep…and wait till they are in REM sleep…dreaming sleep and inject them while they are
Dreaming. Have they tried that?

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That would be a huge violation of a patient’s trust and could cause all kinds of issues.

Last time I was hospitalized and didn’t want meds they shot me fill of enough Ativan that I couldn’t fight back and then gave it to me. At least I was awake for it.

Yea no offense but u have kinda deviant thoughts I’ve realized lol. Don’t take that wrong I’m weird too but I know u only mean good mostly

Why are you mean to me? Is it cause i said inject meds while sleeping? Whats so awful about it?, i was only trying to help.

I think you are mean cause im not like you. You know i was born without a brain. Maybe i dont even have sz cause how can one have sz if they dont have a brain?, but you have no idea how hard it is to live without a brain. If i dont take ap for 3 days i dont know how to make a salad.

Im the only person in the world who doesnt have a brain. And im trying to find anyone who can speak to me without thinking…oh she is not like me , she must be bad.

Cause im not like anyone else.

And if you really feel you dont want me in this forum…i can leave.

Forget about it I apologize for anything u may have Misinterpreted

If you were born without a brain, you would not be alive. If you truly believe you don’t have a brain, this is a delusion, not reality.

You are right. I did have deviant thoughts. I over reacted. There is nothing wrong to have abit deviant thoughts. Its interesting you noticed. I didnt notice myself. I guess they came from unconciousness.

Yea no offense to u, a little dark. Maybe u just got a little hyped up. Much love no hate!