Drug testing for benefits

@MeghillaGorilla1 Have you had a blood test to check your thyroid hormone levels? Typically thyroid hormones are prescribed if you have hypothyroidism.

Yep. Just had my blood work done.
Waiting for the results. Apparently they use it for treatment resistant depression as well. It’s a new approach but I’m willing to try anything at this point.

Oh, I see. if your blood test is normal, isnt there a risk of ending up with hyperthyroidism if you’re taking thyroid hormones even when your body is producing enough on its own?

I’m not sure. I think they have to monitor the dose very closely. But I have read that. I asked if it was dangerous and she didn’t seem to think if done correctly.

Heaps of people do drugs at work but they manage to manage their lives and jobs.

Some people on benefits prioritise drugs before rent and food and bills and this can be a problem as well as trashing homes and not ever cleaning them.

Maybe rent could be paid for them or group homes or something so that the essentials are being paid for.

Homeless ness comes too.

Some people ask for money but if they putting all that on gambling and drugs and alcohol while one giving them money can’t afford things they want that are good then that may be seen as not so fab.

I think ready paid for shelter homes are available for drug users who can not be responsible or disabled people who can’t either due to illness.

I wouldn’t rule out rTMS therapy either for depression, it’s really seemed to help me out a bunch and even though I’m very vulnerable to these violent hallucinations I’ve made a big improvement. My appointment isn’t till 1pm today so I can get on and tell you all good morning and what not. I hope everyone survives the evil monday that has decided to arrive!


Test only those proven irresponsible and unable pay food,bills,mortgage or rent etc despite being paid for this?

And if proven on drugs rehabilitate them Is that the plan or make them homeless?

Heaps n more homelessness could cause more problems too…

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I agree with you about being homeless. I’ve been homeless and it was NOT cool to be homeless in the winter in Illinois. It just isn’t fun at all, and I was in the ghetto and refused help from my parents. They just never seemed to respect me and got manipulative and undermined me frequently.

So I decided to live on the streets and if there was a place I could stay and shower and sleep on the couch I would go there until I was told I had to leave again. Sometimes I was only allowed weekends at other friends houses, but during the week I had to fend for myself.

My best friend and I had a falling out, he was like me-deciding to stay homeless and not get help.

We had a horrible falling out and he stole a backpack, blankets and a bunch of my clothes. I don’t know how to say this but when you’re homeless you are asking for trouble and hardship. Which he has chosen to pursue, I’m not in charge of him and I no longer speak to him. He also, is mentally ill-but also very smart and manipulative. Not a healthy relationship we had.

Anyways, the government probably wants us homeless so they can round us up and put us into labor camps. I’m totally terrified of the debt ceiling to China alone, not the gross national debt.

I don’t think drug testing is going to do ANYONE any help. I’ve been through alot of them but I must say they were pretty violating. But back then I didn’t smoke, so I had nothing to worry about. People who pissed hot in the army would lose their pay and work extra hours and go down in rank. Some were even kicked out without rehab. It’s sad, but I don’t think drug testing all the people on benefits is going to help the people out at all. And in turn, I see the people ending up being homeless and losing everything.


I’d be scared! The medicine I take gives a false positive for PCP!

so far all i have heard are rumors. i hope they don’t start doing drug testing. but a lot of my friends and family on face book are for the drug testing believing that it will get people off welfare and that all people on welfare are on drugs and are lazy

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Well listen man, regardless of if it’s true or not:

We all need to hold up our end as disabled people and prove that we earn our check every day.

I think that’s what’s up, so make a log of your hallucinations daily and save and date them, and save them in monthly folders. Literally archive the illness and try your best to show that we not only deserve respect and help-we deserve rights.