Drug testing for benefits

i was on facebook and someone posted that president trump said he wanted to drug test everyone who is on government benefits and those wanting to get on benefits because he wants to clean up america. that bothered me. that’s like saying everyone who is on benefits is on drugs and disabled people are the cause of all the drugs and crime in america does anyone else feel that way or did i just miss read it.

I had to drug test for my last job and probably will have to for this one. Limited sympathy.

but getting a job is different then being on government benefits and then claiming by drug testing them they are cleaning up america

If you can afford drugs, you don’t need benefits.


i agree i just don’t like being accused of being the reason why there’s a war on drugs

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True that and even then is it really going to get cleaned up at all? I don’t think so the streets are going to stay dirtier than ever. I dunno, I’m a pothead everyone knew it but I WAITED to do it till I was 18 and stuff. I was an adult, and you need to continue to treat me like an adult and not some prisoner or reject that is under the gun again.

I can’t believe this is going on I thought Trump was going to legalize pot for recreational use! This is a fricking mess, old people again trying to SLOW the age!


Don’t mind…I do a lot of drugs usually…but the doc gave me a script for them…like @velociraptor said if you can afford illegal drugs or drugs you don’t have a script for you don’t need gov assistance …I can’t afford my legal drugs and now need help…I’m having problems getting it and had to employ a lawyer… so I have little sympathy for those who abuse the system…don’t take offence by this there are a lot who abuse it…

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i’m not saying to protect the abusers but just the claim that people on government benefits are the reason for a crime and drug ridden america

People like this certainly aren’t giving people on benefits good PR:



In my personal experience a factory is the worst place in terms of drug abuse…one if our factories that makes healights and car shocks…recently one of their customers heard a rattle in one if the headlights…it was a high mg pain pill…they drug tested 100 people…70 of those were fired…so 7 out a 10 people require drugs to function In this highly robotic workplace…they should fine the ■■■■ out a the company and offer a rehab or your fired plan…

my dad use to work in a factory and he and a coworker were fired for smoking weed 4 hours before going into work. i’m not defending my dad he did something wrong.

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I understand why they use drugs…but instantly firing someone is a joke and doesn’t fix ■■■■… I had a boss in one factory fire another co worker then come to my work station asking if I had any pain pills…but I asked him how he could fire people and then go do the same crap…he said they shouldn’t have got caught…

I was in the normie club at a few factories out performing and self medicating…this seemed to be the only way to keep up with the hours and stress…and it was the norm…everyone was doing it…of course as a Sz I couldn’t handle it for long…
Now cleanish…I have more drugs in my house than ever…but the doc gives em too me…

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the drug tests cost more than they get in benefits if it’s EBT they’re worried about.

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They don’t have the time nor the money to drug test everyone.

unless in true Trump fashion he’d make us pay to take those drug tests.

Say, why not test us, and if fail, you pay for your test?

Wait, those tests are not 100% accurate…

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Hey on another note, how goes the Tmcs?
Would you reccomend it?

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I think if you use drugs on the job you should expect getting fired. Just like if you were caught drinking.

But on your own time I think companies have no right to say what yu can or can’t do if it isn’t affecting your work.

I know a lot of medical doctors and drug use is very common.

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Drug testing everyone who receives government benefits?

We can start with Congress, then move on to the rest of the legislative branch; the President, then the rest of the executive branch.; and the U.S. Supreme Court, then the rest of the judicial branch.

Oh, since corporate welfare is nearly three times the federal budget than social welfare, we’ll need to start testing all of those CEOs of businesses.

Let’s get started! :wink:


It seems to have been helping but I’m very vulnerable to my hallucinations while the treatment is ongoing. It’s been tough having to drive every weekday state to state to get this therapy…but I don’t think I’d have it any other way. I’m beginning to feel better but the voices have become very very violent with tactile and auditory hallucinations that just seem to be never ending. Sigh.


Ah man sry to hear that. Maybe they’ll have something to take care of the voices someday soon too. My doc seems to think so at least.
I’m glad that it works on the depression but yea my depression lifts and it unveils a whole mother level of bad thiinking. I’ve decided to go on a thyroid hormone to treat the depression.