Dreams update...post your dreams here

Last night I dreamt a long dream where I was helping Marilyn Manson get some t shirts made for his live tour…we went to McDonalds in Marilyn’s car and he sent me inside to explain Marilyn’s design for a 1,000 t shirts…the manager said he couldn’t do it and I went back outside to Marilyn’s car but he was being abducted by a carload full of thugs and said, “help !!” I proceeded to help Marilyn get away from the abductors and there was some fighting but me and Marilyn got back in his car and took off…strange dream !

My second dream I dreamt I was I was talking to my estranged biological father and he was drunk saying, “I’m no good and you don’t love me” I started trying to encourage him that I still loved him and not to divorce my mom. He was inconsolable and went in to talk to my mom my brother and sister were still young like when they really divorced and we went outside but there were these strange UFO like things flying over our heads and we got scared and went back in the house…


Last night I dreamed that I ate half of the food because it was cold. I felt disappointed when I woke up :disappointed:


I dreamed that I got thrown in the isolation room at the hospital and it’s started filling up with blood and cuts started appearing all over my body and I started to drown and then I woke up

And then I had a dream that I was in a sweet shop and I stopped a robbery(or something) and to repay me the sweet maker let me eat all the chocolate I wanted… (sigh) I want to go back to that


I dreamed that I kept missing my train and that I woke up after having overslept.
I also dreamed that I knocked over a giant boat that was in the middle of the streets, masturbated while mentally handicapped people were talking to me about cake, and that I peed myself on a bed in the middle of a room with a bunch of people after having yelled at my ex for assuming I owed him anything.


I guess we have a clear winner here !! :trumpet:

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I usually have nightmares, so I don’t keep track on my dreams. But the last one I remember was using my phone with a broken screen.
Fortunately it was only a dream :drooling_face:

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I wondered if anyone was gong to reply? days later, here we are…haha…you never can tell…haha…

I just dreamt that I was looking for my cat shadow because my landlord wouldn’t let me keep him in my house…(not true, just part of the dream), anyways, I found him and brought him in and my landlord started yelling at me and I started yelling at him and then I woke up.

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