Dream sequences

Any dreams, you can remember and have significance. Perhaps for others as well.
I had some weird ones I wanted to post. I have a uncanny ability to remember the dream-scape setting within my sequences, even if I cannot remember the narration as well.

This is the one that I found so ridiculus after I woke up:

Me and another person are on a boat in a raging storm and the boat lurches and throws us out the front windows.

Somehow (I forget how in the sequence) we are back on the boat, and sailing towards an island in calmer waters.

I look behind me and see (don’t laugh, if you can help it) giant rabbits coming out of the ocean behind the ship.

I push the ship as fast as it can go for the land, as the menacing jumbo rabbits start gaining on me out at sea.

The ship hits the land and somehow gains wheels to drive over land like a bus. (IDK, don’t ask)

I try to drive from the rabbits up a mountainous road, but the monster rabbits catch up (they were super quick on land), one of them destroys the bus cartoon style and I pop out, and try to hide from the rabbits nearby.

Another rabbit finds me and I try to evade it’s fist slams (this has got to be straight out of a video game) in a whack-a-mole fashion, then I try to trick the rabbit somehow (I don’t remember exactly what but I got it to fist slam something unexpected), and ended up decommissioning the rabbit.

Then I woke up afterwards. And as I recall the dream getting out of bed I was actually wanting to laugh it off, because it was so ridiculous.

The best I can figure is that I was watching the Attack on titan scene of a similar scenario involving the ocean, and that somehow mixed with a graphic scene from Monty Python and the holy grail I had watched weeks earlier, you know the one. And maybe the cartoon references were from a game called cuphead I had played for a short time.

Alice from wonderland has got nothing on me.


I had a dream where I played a synth that controlled beams of light as well as made sound and vibrated my body

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After I started coming to this site, I had dreams about visiting the home of my childhood best friend. Her family was so much more social. I wonder if coming here reminds me of their home? I guess that’s a good sign. :smiley_cat:

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