Don't let anybody tell you that message boards on the internet don't help

I’ve heard more than one person say that the support on here is “fluff”. He meant that the support here is just “empty words”. And I’ve heard other people say similar things like this. Well, those people couldn’t be more wrong.

For people who know me on here and gave me support and encouragement last year when I went through a VERY traumatic time with my mom dying, losing my housing, spending two days in a psyche ward for feeling suicidal, not being able to drive my car, and being forced to take a two month leave from my job all in the space of TWO WEEKS, well, that support, was instrumental in my recovering from that bad time. And other people have gotten the same support in their time of crisis from these forums.

Let the naysayers have their say about how useless they find these forums. A lot of us know the real story.


Yes! :slight_smile: Thank you Nick


I feel a connection with the people on this site. It helps to talk to people who can identify with my problems.