Dont know if i should be myself or re arange

Going to visit my sister…today 8 hour ride to the bottom of georgia…my parents and grand parents are going to be there too…I hope it goes well…prolly won’t be on here as much…i wish everyone a good weekend…


When the flame burns bright, its light can be seen dancing from across the horizon.

What am I saying… I dont know lol

Hope it goes good, man.


It was poetic none the less…oddly comforting ty…

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Have a good weekend Flame. :relaxed:

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You too modbeam may your light shine down upon this forum lol

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grab the board some peaches lol


Title was a music reference…lol

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Wow that is a hell of a long drive - I could go through 3 countries in that time driving from my house.

Good dedication to family :slight_smile:

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