Dont ignore this post

Joke thread ha…20 ■■■■■■■ chars…202020


Ok I won’t I don’t get it lol

Just picking on the board a lil…there’s a topic with the opposite title…

Thanks. Ha
I regret posting the thread
I tried to delete it

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Finally a photo thread I can comment in!! :smile:

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Oh don’t do that…I wasn’t trying to make you regret it…just laugh a lil…lol no worries…the sz unites us all…

Lol your move…

Lmao !
Nice one. Now I have to think.

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Dammit there’s a post saying ignore and a post saying don’t ignore both with my picture by them. Lol I look annoying now. Smh

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Lol the joke that keeps on giving is great…lol

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