Don Juan had a tough day yesterday


So I always give him a little milk at the end of eating cereal. Just a tiny tiny drop. Well I must have given him 2 of these small sized drops. Or maybe 3. And well Don Juan apparently can’t tolerate dairy much at all. Well not gonna give it to him at all anymore. He was throwing up. Just throwing up milk and liquid. But I felt so bad. He was fine within an hour but I felt terrible. He’s been very affectionate and he started rubbing against me when I showed I cared when he was hurting. Even though it hurt to see my baby hurting. It was kinda a sweet experience in the end as it showed me how much I really care for my lil cute baby.

Don Juan back to normal playing with the sink


Oh no, I’m sorry about his rough day. Don’t feel bad; my mom gave Tink Tink some hot sauce and before we knew it, she was throwing up everywhere. That said, it is very sweet that Don Juan wanted you to comfort him when he was feeling bad. The love of a cat is something special, as it takes a long time to build that trust with them. Anyway, I’m glad Don Juan feels better! That picture of him playing in the water is super cute, by the way.


Adult cats are lactose intolerant.
My father found out the hard way when he fed some to Kyo, who proceeded to have violent projectile diarrhea all over the walls, haha.

Poor Don Juan. He’s probably happy he has you caring so much for him :slight_smile:


Glad to know that Don Juan is feeling better. I know how special he is to you. You’re lucky to have each other.


Sorry to hear Don Juan had a rough time, but it’s sweet to hear how love got you both through it. He’s such a cutie!


You can buy cat milk at the grocery store by the cat food.when I have a little extra money my cats love it.


In a supermarket they once had to put up a sign saying cat milk didn’t come from cats! Lol!


Oh poor little Don Juan!
He’s such a cutie…
Glad he’s doing better now!


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