Doing a beginners Italian language course at local collage?

The course starts on the 5th October and is every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm. Runs for 8 weeks. Is it worth me going as I’m away on holiday for the first two weeks in October. So I’ll miss the first two weeks.

I really want to do this course as I’m going to Italy twice next year for 5 weeks in total.

The course is free because I’m on benefits. I could miss this year and do the course next year or see if they run it in-between this year and next. Or could miss the first 2 weeks but I might fall too far behind. Should I do it or leave it until next year?

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I know 1-10. 151515

If you miss the first 2 sessions, you will be so lost and confused for the rest of the class. Better to wait, or to take a class at another time.

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I’d love to go to Italy

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