Does truth make a person more happy

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Nice paradox. Socrates’ remark is in a superposition, neither true nor false, since it hasn’t happened yet.

Yes, for the most part, truth makes a person more happy. You are as sick as your secrets. I’ve always heard that.

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No the truth does not make a person more happy, absolutely not. Our delusions comfort us, and we all are deluded.


I don’t believe truth is obligated to anyone’s happiness, it just is what it is. Those who embrace truth tend to prosper more than those whose worldview is permeated with lies, but lies very much can make a person happy, which is what escapist media is all about for example.

You might believe the universe has a positive bias, but you really have to work to make it manifest, life isn’t going to drop your dreams into your lap.

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Yes and no, and everything in between.

What we deal with can involve hints or even mounds of “truth”. Distinguishing what is viable truth vs. pure delusion etc. is a task, for certain.

When you actually to ascertain certain profound truths, I think many experience the same feeling of isolation, or to articulate further, a sense that most are not aware of said truth.

That can be both empowering, and disheartening.

This is very true also. That’s a good one @Leaf.

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You don’t have to search for the truth- it’s always been there, in plain sight.
Does it make one happy?
That’s what chocolate is for.

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