^(((^^does n e one want to talk to me on omegle (?)^^))

iT’S wEBCAM wEBSITE And No One Wants To Talk To Me … ,

So If You Are Bored and Don’t Hate Me (and have a webcam) , Hit Me Up and We Can Chat … ,

I Wont Ask For Your Personal Info and Tha Syte Doesn’t Either , So Thaz Is Cool … ,

N E Hoo IM BORED (!!!) ,

H E L P (!!!)

Da ■■■■ is that? :smoking:

Yo i’m down, sounds cool!

Hmm ,

It’s A Syte Where You Talk With Your Webcam In Order To Chat It Up With Someone Else On Their Webcam ,

I Suppose Kinda Lyke Skype …

How does it work?

Ok MisterWaffles I’ll Sendja A Private Message and Letcha Know How We Should Be Able To Connect (!!!)


Fifteen letters

Alright Errrone Me and Misterwaffles Had A Quick Convo , But His Mic Didn’t Work So We Gonna Trie Again … ,

If N E One Else Is Interested Misterwaffles Will Be Able To Give You A Tip On How To Connect With other Forum Members Quickly … ,

But Keep That In Private Messages So Others Don’t Use It and Take Over Thee Entire Syte …

Id love to do this if I had a webcam and mic!!!

My computer just decided to restart and update and there’s like 15 updates :expressionless:

S’all Good ,

Twas Nyse To Get Some Convo Out …

Mr . Bruce , Get A Webcam They Cheap Nowadays …

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i would talk to you but i dont have a webcam.

and Waffles If You Evah Feel Lyke Talking (and anyone else out there) Lemme Know … (today OR tomorrows) .