Does it make me a bad person to laugh at the misfortune of others?

I’m asking because my automatic response when someone does something stupid and gets hurt or cheated out of money is to laugh.

Like th article in my local news paper I just read, a woman is suing a faith healer, because she was told he could un neuter her dog with faith healing alone, and she paid 500 bucks for him to do it. I mean she ACTUALLY believed it could be done. And my response was to start laughing like a lunatic.

And yesterday, a guy was speeding down my road and flipped his car on a tight curve, and once I knew he wasn’t hurt I started laughing, not in ‘thank god hes okay’ way, but in a’i cant belive he was that stupid’ way.

I don’t want to be too much of an Arsehole, but this worries me somewhat, because sometimes, it isn’t really funny but I find it that way anyhow.


As long as you stay out of earshot of the unfortunate person I think it will be okay. I’d be worried about you if you tried to benefit in an unethical way from the misfortune of another person.

Wait is it bad to laugh at fail videos on youtube and laugh? People doing dumb ■■■■ and others laughing at them was probably mans first entertainment…so i say nay keep laughing…

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I agree they are over saturated and can binge on any subject at the poke of a finger…spoiled youth…i remember dual up…you know how long the buffer tine would have been on a youtube video…like a month lol…

Thats an actual thing? God damnit we really are terrible. Or at least part of us are terrible. Maybe its the balance. And to answer the question i honestly don’t exactly laugh at others misfortune rather i feel less pity and sorry for myself at others struggles that are worse then mine. Not all the time since we are selfish creatures and we want only happiness for ourselves but sometimes i don’t feel as bad when i learn about someone in a worse situation then me.

I don’t know, I watch Jerry Springer, that’s a form of Schadenfreude. It’s present in us all to a greater or lesser extent I think.

I only laugh if I were to laugh if it were happen to me.

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It sounds like you’re not laughing at people’s suffering, but rather at the absurdity of the situations. And no, I don’t think that means you’re a bad person. I laugh at absurd things, too, in large part because half the time I can relate (I’ve had more than my share of absurd moments), but I also snap to focus when someone is obviously hurting, it’s not the time to laugh about it (unless they’d like to laugh, it’s about them, after all). I don’t imagine you going up to the woman who paid $500 and laughing in her face about how stupid she is. But a chuckle along with a o_0 face is fine when nobody is hurt.

No. It’s human nature. Besides, the fact is that people are doing the same thing to you. Some things are just funny. But it’s possible to go too far so be careful.

Wait i have laughed at serious injury…and there has been a couple really dumb deaths…if you get ate by your lion because you kept it in your 1 bedroom apartment its a ■■■■■■■ lion…thats funny…

I would never laugh at someone who got hurt unless I knew they were alright in the end, like the guy who flipped his truck, I made sure he was OK before I laughed, and he started laughing with me for some reason but I think for him it was relief.

I do admit that I have a hard time feeling empathy for others sometimes, mostly because so many people have bemoaned their life at me, over things that are so stupid it makes you feel sick.

A year after my Late GF died someone told me they wanted to die because they failed a test in college, and it wasn’t even a test that counted for much, it was a pop quiz with no affect on their grade, it was just a way to prep them for their finals. He was telling me how horrible it was and how I would never know such pain.

I launched into a detailed description of everything that had happened to me over the previous two years, and he stopped talking to me except to tell me I had ‘no sympathy for others’