Does anyone own a Kindle?

Is $2.99 reasonable for a short novel that’s part of a series?

I have also priced a paperback at $7.99

Would you be prepared to buy a Kindle book or Paperback for these prices?

It’s a dystopian sci-fi novel


That’s pretty cheap. Yes, I’d buy a novel at either of those costs. The kindle one especially.

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yea those prices seem good… i’d buy it for that price.

Well I decided to end it just before the main characters were about to have sex

Right as the rebellion to the powers that be is starting to prevent the destruction of two worlds - and the deaths of pretty much everyone

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$2.99 is pretty standard. The author sees about 30% of that.

I am not bothered by the royalties.

What I want is people to read it - as it has been written for ages

Just a question, do people get to leave reviews on Kindle eBooks?

I am interested in reader feedback to see if the series is worth writing

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Yes. All purchases are eligible for reviews.

Though not everyone leaves them.

Great :slight_smile:

That’s what I am looking forward to most

I want to know whether others enjoy reading it

The file hadn’t been touched for nearly two years

Read the book today, and I thought it was good, but I need the community to give me encouragement to be productive - not a soul has read my writing since I graduated University in 2013

Is that weird?


No matter how and what you write, some will like it and some won’t. If you don’t enjoy the writing process, no amount of praise will help you become more productive. Many great writers have only become famous posthumously. All I’m saying is, if people like your creation that’s great, but first of all it’s yourself who should be having fun.

I enjoyed writing it, but it was painful as it was based on a delusion

That’s why I just wanted to release the content

No one has read a word of my writing, and I will leave it up to the world to see if they want more


Yea self publishing might be better than having a bunch of bureaucrats tell you your books doesn’t fit their publishing house’s current business plan. Feedback from genuine readers is 100× better.

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It’s not weird, but honestly my advice to writers is to avoid the reviews. Some can be downright nasty for no reason. And if you do read them, never comment back.

One night I wrote from 12 midnight to four a.m. without stopping. When I stood up I felt gone. I thought this is a good way to destroy yourself. I think my addiction causes that. It was weird. I sat down and watched the best YouTube video I’d ever seen. But I came back. I write much shorter periods since, mostly hand written letters to people.

I will try not to.

For me if a few people are hooked and want more, the series will live

Now I have the content fresh in my mind, I am going to sleep on it and start book no.2 tomorrow

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Love my kindle. I pay about $14 for a top tier novel. Varies down from that but we pay a lot for everything over here in Oz.

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I have the Kindle app on my phone. You can also use it with tablets, Android and Apple.

I almost never read anything though since sz. I have anhedonia.

I use my phone to read books through Libby app that gives me free access to the public library e-book collection. I prefer an actual book over a ereader though

Yeah most kindle books are 2.99…so thats fine