Does anyone here believe in "forever lasting love?"

I mean,
You know these phrases:
“She’s the love of my life”
“He is the one”
Because I actually do overthink that.
So many movies, books are all about that :smiley: even though it’s totally unrealistic… how can one person in the 8 billion population be only yours? And why one? Maybe three, maybe zero, maybe ten are meant for you :smiley:


I do believe in destiny… but i also think we make our own destiny…
ultimately we will make the choices we make though and God knows them.
I dont believe in holding on to something thats unhealthy, but i think when two people are in love it is something special and that there can be a sort of fate involved… like you are just perfect for each other.

Its hard to tell when that actually is the case though and when someone’s projecting their own desires upon reality.’

A quote comes to mind:
“Life can only be understood in looking back, but it must be lived forward.”


No such thing.

You can love lots of people,

Finding a person you can get along with and live with is different.

Takes work.


Uhh I was always worried about destiny stuff… because during psychosis I felt like everything is destiny, or maybe that I am a god which created whole world destiny :smiley: thats why till this moment I think “If during psychosis I felt this, it simply cannot be truth” because psychosis overall is unrealistic paranormal stuff (mine was like that)

But another thing…what I felt for this ex is hard to explain. I understood everything realistically and I was sometimes very comfortable to simple be myself around him. Almost started believing in destiny/fate again and boom… it seems I try to believe in destiny but life shows me that I shouldn’t

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Thats why I am scared!
My character, personality is way too straightforward and picky :frowning: I annoy people I believe.
Seems they fall in love in the beginning and when they get to know me feel a bit shocked

i hear you! thats what i meant. i think with mental illness some people sometimes can be extreme. That can be a good thing but it can also hurt us. Like by never letting go.

Just think of your health and do whats right for you :slight_smile: If it is destiny well never know until years down the line anyways so i wouldnt get tangled up in thinking about destiny or trying to predict destiny… even if it is a thing

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Yuup probably we will never know if for example destiny exists or no,
Everyone has its unique opinion and experience in life.

But I think, one important thing I believe that having dreams and believing in better tomorrow is reaaally important :heartpulse:
Thoughts actually has some power! And of course actions.
Other things we simply do not control :confused:


I think destiny can exist for those who believe in it.