Does anyone do or have done trauma therapy

I think it’s about time I do some work on my trauma. I feel all my traumas are linked together. From 11 years old to just recently. Now everything seems to set me off. I don’t feel peace and serenity and I feel damaged. Well I got in contact with a trauma therapist today and she was very nice. Super duper nice !! I am planning on seeing her tomorrow but waiting on a call back if she takes my insurance. She will probably call me tomorrow. But she felt like a very motherly figure and told me it wasn’t my fault. She has a lot of experience in the field. I was very happy with our talk. My other Therapist avoids trauma talk and doesn’t know a lot about it for the most part. I feel better already after seeing my pdoc and talking to this lady.


Do u have ptsd …

i never heard of “trauma-therapy” and i’m skeptical of the concept unless like farcry said u have ptsd that u r trying to get over. These therapists need a job to do, if u would like to be intimate with someone and discuss “trauma” to make urself feel better then talk to ur mother ;). Look deep inside urself and try to be happy with who u r

Only medication helped me with ptsd

I really liked EMDR for my PTSD. Basically, I just played Tetris and talked about my problems. It helped a ton!


Hey @far_cry0 the trauma runs deep with me. I’ve never been diagnosed with ptsd but I feel I do have it. I should have been diagnosed 7 years ago imo but I’ve always been to ashamed of my traumas to share them. Kind of hard to be diagnosed when you’re too traumatized to share your traumas with people. But now I’m ready. My appointment won’t be till Tuesday though she called to change.

It’s really common for people with psychotic features to have a history of trauma. Good luck. I’m in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (& doing some body work and voice dialogue stuff) to help with my voices and trauma. I really hope it helps you, you seem positive about starting and it seems like the therapist is warm.

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I like the idea of that. I asked my therapist if I could bring in a coloring book while talking about really bad things because coloring calms me down and would help me stay focused. I never did bring one in though because I felt embarrassed about it.

I’m kind of scared to do trauma therapy. Poking into that stuff can create huge problems and throw off my stability. But it’s true I am a lot better regarding it all now and have come to a greater point of acceptance so maybe I’d be ok now.

It depends on how you do it. Simply rehashing the trauma, or recreating the event can make it much worse. Most doctors don’t do that anymore. But EMDR and exposure therapy help a lot. Mr. Star and I did some exposure therapy on our own when we were trying to become physically affectionate with each other. We both had issues with sexual contact, and it really helped us a lot. To be clear, exposure therapy isn’t re-introducing the trauma. It’s slowly coming into contact with your triggers under safe, controlled circumstances. Most experts agree that you shouldn’t just rehash your trauma, because that just makes things worse.


My experience with EMDR, the kind with handheld sensors, I think triggered me and led to my 1st hospitalization. Sorry I really don’t remember too much about it. But then I was dx with sza so maybe all that trauma was just in my head as a delusion. I’m still grappling with this thought.

When I left my abusive husband 22 years ago, I went to a women’s shelter for counseling. I did group Stockholm Syndrome therapy for some months, and individual therapy to help transition/heal from the abuse for over a year.
I’m a fan of therapy to facilitate dealing with and working through things. It’s my opinion that if you’re thinking about therapy to help with something, then do it. Hope it helps, @Goyankees! :heart: