Does anybody exercise on this site?

I still think that arm curling chicken wings should count.

I’m doing various exercises that my PT guy has me doing. Basically things to strengthen my stability and improve my balance, very important.

I do regular walks. I think it adds up to around 45min. to 1 hour a day. It’s summertime here in the southern hemisphere and it’s hardly(not often, rarely)raining for outdoor activities.

I don’t exercise on this site, I think I would break it :grinning:

I was jogging outside but it got too slippery and cold. I have a $25 monthly gym membership I haven’t been going to. I think some of the weight that I gained from clozapine is muscle neato.

I haven’t worked out in around two and a half years. I need to start a health based program and not a performance based program, maybe do some extensive walking.

I do a 2-3 hours walk a couple of times a week and exercise on my stationary bike 30-40 minutes.

My exercise bench in military press & lateral pulldown configuration.